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CMAS Baltic

The CMAS Baltic is one of the sports organizations in the Baltics. Our main goal to promote and organize scuba diving in the Baltic states which are famous for its Baltic Sea’s wrecks and thousands of lakes.


Our story begins in 2001 when a group of scuba diving enthusiasts took their first diving lessons from the famous diving instructor Elmar Frings. With help of German clubs who donated equipment, the group soon started its own diving facility in Daugavpils. In cooperation with scientists of the Daugavpils State University, we assisted to run series of first underwater research programmes and also started our own educational programmes in scuba diving.  In 2004 we have joined CMAS as ADK-BSAT (Academic Diving Club) and become a voting member of CMAS Technical Commitee. Within next years we changed club’s name to CMAS Baltic to emphasize our growth well beyond our initial academic audience.


Today, we are organizing a wide choice of diving activities for local divers and guests from Europe. Among of them, there are a diving shop, a travel agency and a diving crew to organize local trips to the wrecks and lakes.



Apart of scuba diving and tourism, we have been active in teaching materials development. Members of our organizations have published ever-first books in Latvian. In cooperation with colleagues from Germany, we have been developing and translating training books and manuals for our instructors to improve the quality, safety and knowledge of diving.


Also, we have been taking part in various eco-, bio,- and archaeological researches and events. Follow this website to stay tuned. And, of course, all of you, scientists, sporstmen and diving enthuasists, are welcome to tread waters of Baltics with us!


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