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Intro To Scuba
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The CMAS Introductory Scuba Experience


This training programme aims at providing an introductory scuba diving experience, to a maximum depth of  10 meters under the direct supervision of a CMAS Instructor, whilst using air as a breathing gas.


The CMAS Introductory Scuba Experience is classified as an entry-level sport diver training programme that is commonly referred to as a “resort course”.


A CMAS Introductory Scuba Experience Diver may only dive under the direct supervision of a CMAS Instructor and is not qualified to procure air, equipment, or any other diving services.


During the course. the participant shall be provided with introductory information on the use of common diving equipment:

The student will also get introductory information relating to diving and the diving environment:


Course duration

Recommended number of sessions 3

Classroom: 1,5 hrs

Confined water: 1 hrs

Open water preparation and dive: 1,5 hrs


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